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Made from renewable sources.
Zero-emissions fuel. Made in Australia.

Ethical Developments will manufacture (under licence) and assemble a new type of electrolyser in Australia to enable the production of green hydrogen.

The technology we represent is scalable, safe and comes with a twenty-five-year lifespan.

Engineered for safety. Efficient. Different.

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Our working partnerships enable collaborations to build hydrogen projects.

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H2 Today

What’s unfolding with hydrogen projects around the world.

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Read about news about us published in the press.

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Making Hydrogen

Learn about the next generation of Hydrogen Electrolysers.

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hydrogen fueling for truck

The Future Is Here

Ethical Developments is an Australian owned business focused on the production of green hydrogen for refuelling, storage and export.

We will make the electrolysers that make the hydrogen from renewable sources.

We are passionate about positioning Australia as the world leader in renewable energy.

We are passionate about creating jobs especially in regional Australia.

We are passionate about building collaborative partnerships to make green hydrogen.

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Our Mission

To strive to provide consistent technology improvement in the delivery of cost-competitive and sustainable green hydrogen solutions.

Through our efforts, Ethical Developments aims to be a major contributor in helping Australia and the planet reduce carbon emissions.
With our clients and partners, we will enable zero-emissions hydrogen to be adopted as a mainstream alternative to fossil fuels by delivering sustainable hydrogen solutions.
We aim to significantly contribute to reducing emissions through our efforts in working with our clients, partners, governments and councils.
We know our mission will never be finished but through our efforts, we are hopeful our contribution will grow and endure.

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